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▲ 珍妮佛·喬丹(Jennifer Jordan), MassVentures 副總裁
Jennifer Jordan是位新創事業早期投資人

對於協助新創團隊、找尋市場新機會,以及發展差異化之技術策略與商業模式深具經驗與熱情。過去20年,Jennifer曾透過技術和金融服務參與涵蓋各個領域的投資項目,包括早期的互聯網搜索解決方案和網絡分析、到用於設計半導體產業的機器人和軟體到。她最近的投資焦點是利用數據和自動化的力量來推動產業轉型,並為企業帶來商業優勢的新創事業。被投資公司的領域涵蓋合成生物學(Ginkgo Bioworks),數據透明度(ClearGov),用於銷售優化的人工智能和機器學習(Spiro.ai),以及用於高級製造的工業物聯網(MachineMetrics)。


Jennifer Jordan, Vice President of MassVentures

As an early stage investor, Jennifer is passionate about teams, opportunities, and differentiation of technology, strategies and models. Throughout her 20 years in technology and financial services, she has worked on everything from early internet search solutions, web analytics, robotics and software used to design semiconductors. Her most recent investments leverage the power of data and automation to transform industries and provide clear business advantages. They span from synthetic biology (Ginkgo Bioworks), data transparency (ClearGov), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for sales optimization (Spiro.ai), and Industrial IOT for advanced manufacturing (MachineMetrics).

Jennifer is also a leading edge, global executive versed in bridging corporate and entrepreneurial disciplines. She has successfully incubated and advised start-up ventures, including seed round, IPO and turnaround projects; is responsible for millions in valuation, earnings and commission revenue; has grown platforms from the ground up through successful exits; has experience identifying and advising successful teams delivering breakthrough technology; is a strategic thinker with exceptional knowledge of market trends and data, and is a change driver who impacts and imparts large-scale decisions and effective execution.